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Who is BookFool?

The secret weapon for any college store or used bookstore to pay great prices on more used books & textbooks.

We call it Dynamic Wholesaling™ - our partners call it "awesome."

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Industry Leading Textbook Buyback Platform

One tool, one solution, for everyone.

  • Enterprising Individual

    Whether you’re a student or someone who’s just looking to make some extra money, BookFool can put some cash in your pocket quickly and with very little start-up cost. And, we give you everything you need to get started. What are you waiting for?

  • Campus

    Improve student perception of your bookstore by partnering with BookFool to offer better prices for textbooks. We pay more per book than your wholesaler and offer a generous commission for every book you buy including dead inventory. Everyone wins.

  • Independent Used Bookstore

    You are an expert at buying and selling books. But, what if you could create a new revenue stream by buying used textbooks? We give you everything you need to buy textbooks in your store without the need for additional shelf space. You send the books to us and we’ll send you a generous commission. Simple as that.

  • Small Business: Cafes & Retail Stores

    Want to generate additional revenue for your business and attract more college students to your shop? BookFool can help. We make it easy to become a local textbook buyer. You’ll get a generous commission for every book you buy and reach a whole new market in the process. What’s not to love about that?

Our Perspective

BookFool was founded by a student with the idea to buy and sell used books at a fair price. Ever since launching in 2003, it’s been our mission to give everyone the most money for their books.

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